Hello. Let's get acquainted

Hello. Let’s get acquainted

The Company Dried Fruit LLC was founded in 2016.

The company produces confectionery based on dried fruits, nuts, almonds and natural chocolate under the trademark „King of Fruits”.
“Dried Fruit LLC” uses high quality, natural raw materials.
The company owns production areas of 1100 m2, a plum and cherry garden of intensive type, with a total area of 50 hectares.
The latest generation equipment from the Italian manufacturer “GAMI” is used in the production process.
The concept of „traditional dried fruits in natural dark chocolate” was developed as a result of the analysis of the current market of similar products. Our company is engaged in the production of high-quality natural confectionery using the highest quality fruits and „natural chocolate”.
The final product is packed in impermeable parchment envelopes, which preserve the whole taste of chocolate and dried fruit and protects the product from external factors.